Natural remedies for chlamydia

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Genital infections are the most annoying disorders that may happen to people. Men and women are concerned about most of them. Their occurrence depends on many factors. Some of them find the reason for occurring in the failure of the immune system. Some are sexually transmitted when none protection is used. Some of the genital infections are initiated by the hygiene and even from other body disorders. Resorting to medical helpers is not always recommendable. Medications sometimes turn into addiction and any other same or similar condition must be treated the same way. Natural cures find their place in vaginal infections treating. Therefore, natural remedies for chlamydia, thrush, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginitis, and genital herpes are easy and quick solutions.

Chlamydia is a genital infection caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. Many women have it, but men are not excluded from the list of infected because it is sexually transmittable infection. The risk of infecting with chlamydia is bigger in people that practice sex without using preservatives. The condition is often present without specific signs, and so this infection may be present without knowing it. Treating chlamydia is possible with medical therapy when it spreads that much that it damages the uterus. So, until this point of the disease is reached, natural remedies for chlamydia should be used.

Garlic is one of the natural remedies for chlamydia in women. It has a natural antibiotic in its content and so it has an internal and external possibility of usage. It can be included in the meals on a daily basis. Applying a garlic extract on the affected area is the external way of using this vegetable. Tea tree oil is also used in treating genital infections because it has anti-bacterial attributes. It is used in the following way: the genitals are washed with a solution made by diluting the oil into lukewarm water. Applying this remedy twice a day should be included in the daily routines. Echinacea used as a tea drink shows very positive effect in strengthening the immunity and fighting against bacteria in the organism. Sage helps in treating chlamydia too. It is prepared as a tea and should be drunk twice a day. Hygiene and healthy diet plan are basic.

Natural remedies for chlamydia in men

Natural remedies for chlamydia in men are mainly the same as for the women. In managing chlamydia, the Goldenseal has shown very positive characteristics. Increasing the circulation of the blood and oxygen is very important during the treatment. Lots of water and natural drinks filled with lots of exercising are good in eliminating the bacteria. Boosting the immune system is also positive act that can be accomplished with a healthy diet plan. Hygiene should be on high level: twice a day the penis should be rinsed with warm water. Another option is an application of chamomile tea over the genitals. Some natural cures for male chlamydia include baking soda in the rinsing water but it is not shown as a general rule.

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