Reasons For Dry Frizzy Hair And Solutions

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The Hair that suffers from lack of moisture is the dry frizzy hair. It is very difficult and frustrating to manage such hair. It is even embarrassing to walk out with such kind of hair. It looks unkempt and ugly. Such hair is weak and dry. Therefore, it breaks easily and even good hair stylists find it difficult to style it. It is important to use the correct products on such kind of hair to make them lively and shiny.

Frizzy hair happens due to several reasons. Let us understand some of them:

1. Genetics: A good reason that your hair is frizzy is the genetic mix you inherited from your biological parents. Normally, if either of the parents have frizzy hair, it is likely that the children could also inherit it. However, you have no control over this cause, as it is natural.

2. Environment: The kind of environment the hair becomes vulnerable to affects it as well. If the atmosphere has too much of humidity, then it dries up frizzy hair further. Too much sun exposure is also bad for the health of the hair. In fact, you will be surprised to know that your central air conditioning and heating system also makes hair dry and dull. You must try not to expose your hair to the sun for long periods.  If it is unavoidable, then use hats or caps to protect your hair.

3. Frequent Washing: Excessive washing could damage the hair. It is important to keep your hair clean, but washing it on a daily basis is a big ‘no’ for the hair. This makes your hair dry and dull as it sucks up the little moisture that is present in it. Try to wash hair only 2-3 times a week and just pat dry after the wash.

4. Bleaching, dyeing and coloring: The most important reason for dry frizzy hair is bleaching and dyeing. There are chemicals used in the process and your hair is subject to harmful reaction of chemicals. It is very bad for your hair. In case you need to dye your hair, try to make use of more natural and herbal products like henna. It does not have drastic effect on hair. Even coloring your hair for style frequently could damage your hair leading to hair fall and dryness.

5. Perming and Straightening: When you go for treatments to straighten and perm your hair it is subject to procedures involving chemicals and heat. These rip off the moisture from your hair making it lifeless. It is good not to go for such procedures frequently.

6. Oil deficiency: If you do not apply oil in your hair, then it is difficult to make the hair roots strong. Oil is essential to make hair thicker, stronger and shiny. Massaging with oil improves blood circulation and makes the roots stronger. You must indulge in oil massage at least once a week.

7. Shampoo and Conditioners: It is important for you to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that is ideal for your hair type. Conditioner helps to restore the lost moisture. Ideally, you have to leave it in the conditioner for some time before rinsing it, to treat dry frizzy hair.

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